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Your Instructor

My name is Barry. I am a senior driving instructor with many years of experience. I have worked with the best driving schools in Sydney as well as previously operating my own driving school. During those years I had developed my own style of teaching and received several awards of excellence for the consecutive number of first time passes at the motor registry. I have yet to meet another instructor who has achieved the same results. The responsibility of a professional instructor is putting into practice every aspect of road safety. We aim to improve the standards and competency of drivers. We design programs to ensure full and thorough training is provided to all new and existing drivers. Learning to drive is a three way partnership between the student, the instructor and RMS (Roads and Maritime Services). We will provide the right combination of technical expertise and a positive framework for learning. As well we provide professional driving tuition that is an investment for a lifetime of safe driving. We equip novice drivers with skills and awareness, enabling them to be better prepared, competent and safe drivers. Our little red mini is fitted with dual controls, meaning the instructor has a brake pedal on his side of the vehicle. Our curriculum consist of structured lessons comprising 20 topics commencing at preparing to drive to preparing for the driving test. I have only recently returned as a driving instructor after taking a couple of years break. We are up to date with current road rules. We make sure the student and public are safe and we make sure all equipment is 100% up to date.